Friday, November 9, 2007

All My Belongings

Her father killed people as his community service project. No wonder she changed her name and her path. But will his reputation kill her hopes for finding a place to belong and a life worth preserving?
When Jayne's father's life's work--helping people die--hits the papers and the ourts, she attempts to put as much distance as possible between his dreams and hers. Caring for her new friend Isaac's adoptive mother in her last days seems a fitting way to reverse a shame-filled legacy. But when suspicion surrounds the elderly woman's slightly premature death, Jayne's father's reputation steals back into her life and threatens the fragile sense of belonging she'd worked so hard to find.
Isaac searches for his own "belongings." As loving as were his adoptive mother and father, he can't shake the insatiable need to find who he came from. Jayne knows her parentage and mourns it every day. Isaac relentlessly pursues his. Not knowing is killing him. But Jayne understands that knowing wields its own weapons of mass destruction.
And when the phone call comes--"Your father is dying."--will she follow her heart or her pain?
Women's fiction in process